SCREAM: Scream Out Loud is the fifth and final installment in the Scream franchise. It was made directly after Scream 4 and before Wes Craven died.

Plot Edit

It has been seven years since the murders happened so Sidney returns to Woodsburrow after leaving due to the fourth killing spree. After returning, she turns on the news and realizes that a local citizen name Anthony Pal Jamerson got killed the previous night. She contacts Dewey and tells him that it is happening again, he has already heard but decides to help Sidney anyway. They contact Gale, she picks up and wonders what what happening so they told her and she said she would come. They try and track down the murder but every attempt causes another person to die. Eventually, they capture the killer.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Sidney Prescott

Dewey Riley

Gale Weather

Judy Hicks

Kirby Reed

Samantha Anderson

Kimi Blinger

Joe Jam

Sally Jones

Crimson James

Minor Edit

Anthony Pal Jamerson

Tammy Bellroy

Sammy Bells

Jonas Jamerson

Mrs. Jamerson

Mr. Jamerson

Mr. Prescott

Georgie Prescott

Deaths Edit

The deaths are listed in order.

Name Way of Death Weapon Killer
Anthony Pal Jamerson Hung from Balcony Rope Mrs. Jamerson
Tammy Bellroy Stabbed in the Eyes Butter Knife Mrs. Jamerson
Sammy Bells Shot in the Mouth Shotgun Mrs. Jamerson
Jonas Jamerson Hung from Ceiling Fan Rope Himself
Samantha Anderson Burned in Oven Oven Mr. Jamerson
Crimson James Shot in the Left Eye, Thrown off Roof Pistol Mr. Jamerson
Kimi Blinger Locked in Freezer Freezer Mr. Jamerson
Joe Jam Pushed off of Building N/A Mr. Jamerson
Crimson James Crushed in Garage Door Garage Mr. Jamerson
Kirby Reed Stabbed in Stomach 10 Times Butcher Knife Mr. Jamerson
Sally Jones Stabbed in Back Butcher Knife Mr. Jamerson
Judy Hicks Slit Neck Kitchen Knife Mr. Jamerson
Mrs. Jamerson Stabbed in Head Ice Pick Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley, Gale Weathers
Mr. Jamerson Shot in Chest, Shot in Head Pistol Sidney Prescott
Mr. Prescott Age Life N/A

Trivia Edit

  • This movie has one more death than the previous movie.
  • This movie takes place seven years after Scream 4.
  • Kirby is killed the same way she was harmed in the fourth film.
  • Georgie Prescott is Sidney's son.

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