Scream: Ghostface Is Back is the newest and last instalment to the Scream movies. It takes place one-year after Scream 4 (SCRE4M).

Synopsis Edit

Sydney left Woodsburrow and moved to a Motel in Woodville, a town near Woodsburrow and named after Woodsburrow. One day, she was just watching The News when she saw a report saying that two people were killed. So she reunites Dewey and Gale who live in the same Motel as her and they go back to Woodsburrow to stop the killer(s).

Characters Edit

Returning Edit

Sydney Prescott (Alive)

Dewey Riley (Alive)

Gale Weathers (Alive)

Judy Hicks (Dead)

Kirby Reed (Dead)

Jill Roberts (Dead)

Sherrif Burke (Dead)

Mr. Prescott (Alive)

New Edit

Hayley Johnson (Dead)

James Bell (Dead)

Sally Williamson (Dead)

Kat Grand (Dead)

Billy James (Dead)

Ivy Paris (Dead)

Shelly Caspar (Dead)

Ian Jamerson (Dead)

Kelly Caspar (Dead)

Xavier Boyd (Alive, dies in deleted-extended ending.)

Deaths Edit

Name Way Of Death Reason Killer(s)
Sally Williamson Stabbed in the forehead. To start the killings. Hayley Johnson
Kat Grand Stabbed in the forehead. To start the killings. Hayley Johnson
James Bell Stabbed in the stomach twice (same spot). He asked to help Hayley with the killings but Hayley hated him so she killed him after declining his offer. Hayley Johnson
Kirby Reed Stabbed in the stomach a dozen times. She survived the previous killings. Hayley Johnson
Judy Hicks Stabbed in the back twice, stabbed in the throat. She survived the previous killings, to make Dewey mad. Hayley Johnson
Jill Roberts Head chopped off. She survived the end of the previous killings. Hayley Johnson.
Billy James Throat slit. None Hayley Johnson
Ivy Paris Stabbed in both eyes. None Hayley Johnson
Shelly Caspar Thrown off of a roof. Kelly (Shelly's twin) got away when Hayley tried killing her. Hayley Johnson
Kelly Caspar Stabbed in both shoulders, stabbed in the chest. She survived the first time Hayley tried killing her. Hayley Johnson
Ian Jamerson Ran over by a car. None Hayley Johnson
Sheriff Burke Shot in the forehead For surviving too long, for almost stopping Hayley. Hayley Johnson
Hayley Johnson Shot in the chest a dozen times (was wearing Bulletproof Vest), stabbed in both shoulders, shot in the forehead, stabbed in the neck (as an extra so Xavier could help with the kill). To stop the killings. Sydney Prescott (chest shots), Gale Weathers (shoulder stabs), Dewey Riley (forehead shot), Xavier Boyd (extras throat stab).
Xavier Boyd (non-canon) Slipped and landed the back of his forehead into Hayley's dead body's knife. None Himself (accidental), Hayley Johnson (Dead).

Under The Mask Edit


From Pinterest.

Under The Mask was Hayley Johnson, the new killer. She wanted to start the killings to attract Sydney so she could kill her because she has been in several killing sprees but she survived. She also wanted to kill Sydney so she would be known as the person who killed a survivor. Hayley failed because she died. James Bell wanted to help her but she declined and killed him.

Easter Eggs Edit

  1. Judy makes a reference to the fourth movie when she mentions what happened a year before the events of this film.
  2. Kirby mentions how she talked about knife scars with Kate and that she actually has one now.
  3. Sydney has visions that show scenes from the previous films, it also references Scream 3 where she did the same thing.
  4. At the scene where Sydney, Dewey, and Gale are at a Graveyard to find Kirby's Gravestone, there is another Gravestone next to it that says "Wes Craven" on it. It references Wes Craven's passing.
  5. The song in the opening and ending credits is Red Right Hand which was also the transition, opening credits and ending credits song from the first film.

Trivia Edit

  • This film was Directed by Iya Labunka and is in memory of Wes Craven.
  • Hayley Johnson's first name is based on Hayden Panettiere (Kirby Reed)'s first name.

Cast & Crew Edit

Cast (known for right now) Edit

Neve Campbell - Sydney Prescott

David Arquette - Dewey Riley

Courteney Cox - Gale Weathers

Hayden Panettiere - Kirby Reed

Emma Roberts - Jill Roberts

Roger L. Jackson - Ghostface (suit and voice)

Joseph Whipp - Sheriff Burke

Lawrence Hect - Mr. Prescott

Crew (known for right now) Edit

Iya Labunka - Director and Writer